DSWD Map Viewer Tools

Search and Analysis Tools

  • Address Search – This tool allows users to enter an address and instantly jump to that point in the map.
  • Attribute Search – An ‘attribute’ is a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of a dataset. If you know what data you are looking for – for example, a land parcel in the map – the Attribute Search tool offers the same functionality as the address search. The user can find the data relevant to them and instantly arrive at the location of that data on the map.
  • Custom Search – Some of the maps here have the “Custom Search” tool which can be can be used to show a custom AND/OR search panel with a set of selected searchable data attributes.
  • Proximity Analysis – This tool allows users to explore the spatial relationship between features in the same or different datasets. Using this tool provides answers to the following sample questions:
    • How many households are within 5 kilometers from ‘Center A’?
    • Do any schools fall within 500m of a river?
    • How many people are within this area?
  • Query Tool – This allows users to rapidly dive into the data with rule based queries (questions) to discover features of interest contained within a map. Features that match the query will be highlighted on the map, and users are able to view results as a table, download a spatial file of results, or view an on-screen report.

Information and Display Tools

  • Map Legend – This shows the symbols or icons of the features shown in the map.
  • Print – This tool allows users to extract a printable map. You may position the map over your desired print area, and choose to include the map title and legend in the PDF.
  • Share This Map – This tool allows user to share the map in their interface. Users can either share the map in their social media sites (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) or embed it. Options like the thumbnail size, map size, popup size and usage of default or current zoom level are also available.
  • Measure – This allows users to draw lines or shapes that show distance or area between or around points/features in the map.
  • Google Street View – Property information maps can be enhanced with the Google Street View tool, allowing users to jump to street view at their chosen location.
  • Geolocate – Once enabled, your location will be identified on the map. This requires the user to authorize the web browser to know their location.
  • Basemap Switcher – This tool allows users to switch between available basemaps.
  • Scale Text/Bar – This shows the scale of the map in kilometers (km) and miles (mi).
  • Zoom In – This allows user to zoom in an area of interest in the map.
  • Zoom OutThis allows user to zoom out an area of interest in the map.
  • RefreshThis allows user to refresh and return to the default scale of the map.

For more information and how to use these tools, please refer to the following links: